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some of the many fine tools that I have sold in the last 10 years....... unfortunately I have not kept records of earlier sales

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      tools pictured are not for sale .....

Norris A7 Norris A1 28" & 21" Norris  A17 boxed Norris 20 with rhino horn Norris A71 Norris A5
Mathieson 9B Mathieson 24" jointer Mathieson plough Mathieson plough Mathieson mitre plane Mathieson 17 Mathieson smoother
Preston smoother Preston side rebate plane Preston violin Preston bullnose Preston quirk Preston filletster Mathieson 25
quirk plough Surveyor's level with everything! (Swiss) rev counters rules Ebony Ultimatum brace
combination level one of many Pfeil chisels sets dated 1732 very ornate plumb bob Radius Filletster Hans waiting for customers in Nashua NH 2004 Hans selling  in Sydney 2009
early dividers most unusual panel plane Stanley everlasting Roubo first edition Bridle Plough chariot planes etc English braces
Okimono Addis chisels Early Saw Sumitsubo Oilcans Rabone rule Kimberley Filletster
coachmaker's planes Berg Transit tool chest complex croze Bergmann Plough Lancashire Pattern
Glasscheckplane McConnell Australia best lot in 2006 rosewood bow saw Hollow auger curved filletster
Spiers gunmetal Spiers jointer Spiers panel plane Spiers  mitre plane Spiers mitre plane Spiers smoother Spiers late jointer

ornate axe French leather plough German plough plane Fales patent plough Hook auger dated 1543 & hook auger complete Marples chisels watchmaker's tools
punch saw set Davis level transitional plough my sales tables Rounder Everlasting chisels Leatherworkers tools
surgical saw German level with reel for plumb bob French cornice plane Side Rounds Moseley mitre plane Mathieson T&G Beech Ultimatum
Steward London ivory rule Holtzapffel lathe screwboxes Early European pot "saw" for fire place clogger's knife
cooper's compass coachmaker's routers piano makers brace Gilpin fireman's axe copper glue pot Shark gouges Brass copy 55
Disston saws more moulders... 500 in one auction in 2003 Bookbinder's tools Rams head mitre plane Watkinson Australia swing frog plane


Unusual croze Early Mathieson level Windsor beaders Scholl's patent coachmaker's rebate plane marking hammers
"Glasgow" drill super rare Norris A17 stirrup adze Archimedean drill Ivory okimono & netsuke tradesmen at work
mortise chisels English grindstone early eel gleave smelter pot Coopers axe Ironmonger's rule cooper's radius plane
Ebony brace  palm plane tailor's yardstick Birmingham jointer saw set bandsaw 18th c hammer 18th c dividers
panel raiser machinist's box Cameron Miller plane Millers Falls bronze-framed  drill Bone tipped plough plane brass smoother
miners lamp Marples ivory rule mandrel lathe Victor jointer plane rope maker patternmaker's plane
whetstone stand Mathieson 46D level Sorby chisels Metallic Plane Co   brass mitre plane Norton hone