Stanley planes by numbers 340

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Stanley 340 furring plane

offered 1905 - 1917

10" long  with a  2" cutter

The plane in the pictured has been re-finished. This might look ok in a picture but it devalues it by half.


The stepped sole is unique to this plane. Watch out for cracks both sides of the step

A furring plane is the same as a scrub or roughing plane (see 40 & 40 Ĺ ) It has a thick single iron with a rounded edge . A roughing plane was needed for the first cut on un-milled wood i.e. wood with a rough surface left by saws or adzes. The roughing plane was used to even them out before a smoother finished the job. If you need one of these and donít want to spend a fortune, look out for a German wooden scrub plane . They sell for a fraction of the price and do the same job a lot better!