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Stanley 60 low angle block plane

offered 1898 - 1950

6"  long with  1 3/8" cutter

Same as the much more common 60 1/2 but with nickel plated trimmings. Don't pay big money for this plane. It's not rare and it's a disappointment to just about every user who ever bought one. The mouth on this plane is seriously larger than the 60 1/2, despite the adjuster mechanism. I used to think it was just bad luck but the more planes I handled the more I realised that they really look as though somebody has taken a file to the mouth!

First model has non-adjustable mouth and looks identical to the 61. More about the numbering system there.


60 1/2

Stanley 60 1/2 low angle block plane

offered 1902 - 1982

6"  long with  1 3/8" cutter

Same as the 60 but black japanned. Later models have No 60 1/2 stamped into side. Later models also came with blue or burgundy finish.

Popular little plane, I think the English version is still in production?

Replacement cutters: older models don't take kindly to the big slots in the new style cutters. Get a new old stock for your older model.

The plane shown on the right is a late model without the finger grips on the side (sometimes referred to as handy y feature)