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Stanley 80 cabinet scraper

offered 1898 - 1984

11 1/2"  long with   2 3/4"  cutter

There are a lot of the later English models around. Early USA models have a squarish look. The blade is held in place by a metal strap on the back. Check the logo on the strap to determine the vintage of  your scraper.

Stanley 80 steel cased rabbet plane

offered 1877 - 1888

9"  long with   1 1/2"  cutter

skewed cutter, steel sides and sole, beech infill.

A steel infill plane by Stanley! Often overlooked because there are no prominent markings. Some models have the Stanley name punched in a circle on the shoulder, this mark is very weak and usually not visible if you don't know where to look. (you can just make out the circle on the right hand side, in the middle of the front infill) All models have the Patent 10/5/75 imprinted on the shoulder, usually much deeper struck - see mark on back.

Problem area is the mouth. It's often enlarged or turned into a rebate plane type escapement. Those alterations reduce the value by half.

The 1" version of this plane is the No 90, it also has a spur added.

The cap is held in place by means of a rod/screw that runs through the plane body and secured by a  wing nut at the back.