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Stanley 90 bullnose rabbet plane

offered 1898 - 1969

4"  long with   1"  cutter

Note: Parts from the 90 are interchangeable with the No 93 (base, cutter) but NOT with the 92.

Problems: chipped mouth, chipped edges where the top and the bottom part meet and most importantly: check the internal clamp that holds the blade. The pointy end also acts as a chip breaker. The tip is often fixed or broken off altogether.  Also watch out for cracked cross-bar inside the plane, where the top screw holds the two parts together. Plenty of examples with cracks around - the result of over-tightening the screw. See also # 92.

Stanley 90A rabbet plane

offered 1937 - 1943

4"  long with   1"  cutter

Adjustable bullnose plane.

This plane is rare to very rare but keep looking - when found at a flea market or in an antique shop they are usually priced like a 90! Lucky for us, eBay won't change the odds in favour of the sellers all that much. This plane simply doesn't show up to set a precedent. (No, I don't think this little note will make a difference, either!)


Stanley 90J rabbet plane (English)

offered from around 1960  (made in England)

4 1/2"  long with a  1"  cutter


Stanley 90J  Made in U.S.A.


The US model is marked Made in USA on the clamp and plane should have a USA made cutter



Stanley 90 steel cased rabbet plane

offered 1877 - 1888

9"  long with   1 1/2"  cutter

skewed cutter, steel sides and sole, beech infill.

same as No 80 but has a spur added

Problem area is the mouth. It's often enlarged or turned into a rebate plane type escapement. Those alterations reduce the value by half.

mouth opened up by user.